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Mission Blue

Take a dive into the changing of our planets oceans with the incredible Sylvia Earle. She speaks to her first-hand experiences as the first female oceanographer. A must watch

Available on Netflix


The Age of Consequences

Takes a look at climate change from a national security perspective. For those who might not be as concerned about conservation, I highly suggest watching this to understand another important reason for fighting climate change.

Available on Amazon Prime


Tidying Up

A light-hearted, episodic show on the benefits of decluttering your space. Marie Kondo will take you through the sometimes difficult process of letting-go. 

A similar documentary focusing on why minimalism works for some people is called "Minimalism". I would recommend both.

Both Available on Netflix


Chasing Coral

This documentary takes a more in-depth look at coral reefs, why they are dying, and how that is devastating fishing industries worldwide.

Available on Netflix


The 11th Hour

"That Leonardo DiCaprio documentary". A fantastic way for those newer to the subject of climate change to see the wide-ranging effects worldwide. Exciting and sobering documentary directly related to our carbon footprint.

Available on Amazon to Rent


Our Planet

The latest in the stunning line of nature documentaries. Created by the same minds behind Planet Earth and Blue Planet. Will help show you the ecosystems that so badly need our protection.

Available on Netflix


Plastic China

This is a tough one to watch, but important to understand how plastic from the US was being recycled. That is, before many countries stopped accepting US recycling all-together. This forces us to look at our waste problems as a whole, and not just stick them in a blue or green container.

Available on Amazon Prime


The Future of Energy: Lateral Power to the People

While energy systems might not sound like the most interesting topic to dive into, it could not be more important. Energy is behind absolutely everything we do. With the oil and gas industry behind so much of the climate change issues we are facing, an understanding of energy is vital.

Available on Amazon Prime


To the Ends of the Earth (2017)

Looks at the disastrous effects of our pursuit of oil in the furthest corners of the planet. Why continuing down the path of oil and gas is negative beyond its release of greenhouse gases. Extreme energy and those stuck in the middle.

Available on Vimeo to Rent


Food Inc.

This documentary is a bit on the older side (2010), but the information is still relevant. This takes a hard look at the industrial agriculture industry in the US. Perfect for anyone trying to be more mindful in the grocery store.

Available on Hulu


The True Cost

Brutally honest and essential for everyone in the developed world.         What is the true cost of your          $5 T-shirt?

Available on Amazon Prime


Jane (2017)

A moving documentary about the life of Jane Goodall. The women responsible for teaching us all we know about chimpanzees. Feminism, conservation, science, whatever your reason, watch this.

Available on Hulu and Disney +


Forks Over Knives

A well-crafted documentary which speaks to how our diet is our best medicine. How type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other deadly diseases can be reversed with a plant-based diet. I highly suggest this one!

Available on Netflix


Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman

Takes a look at conservation heroes in unexpected places inside the American heartland. Based off a book with the same title. Either one is worth looking into.

Available on Hulu and Amazon


Chasing Ice

Equal parts adventure and science. This shows the difficulties of filming a documentary in harsh regions as well as stunning and shocking footage of the rapid degradation of the polar ice caps. 

Available on Amazon to Rent

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