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Reading on a Beach

Book Recommendations

Scroll through to see a brief selection of the highest recommended books on sustainability.

I have not read all the books on this list. However many are on my list to read this year. Books I absolutely loved were "The Sixth Extinction", "Cradle to Cradle", "The Overstory", "Merchants of Doubt", and "Where the Water Goes". Cannot recommend them enough.

I tried to give a range of books on natural history, policy, conservation, climate change, and personal accountability. I highly recommend adding at least 2 books to your list of goals for 2021 instead of just another Netflix series.

Lastly, think about how you read these books. Instead of ordering them online, maybe it is better to use that kindle. Or better yet, support a local bookstore. Used books are an excellent way to reduce your footprint while still enjoying the physicality of a book.

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