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Social Justice

This page has been created to spotlight individuals discussing the environmental movement within communities who are often under-represented. Many organizations have been speaking about climate change in relation to developing nations, people of color, and those of lower socio-economic backgrounds for a long time.

This page is not meant for my voice, but for theirs. This website has tried to be created with inclusivity in mind. However, my view is undeniably limited. If you see anything that could be improved upon in this department, please contact me and let me know. I would like to grow from this experience as much as possible. 

“Sadly, the people at greater risk from climate hazards are the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalized who, in many cases, have been excluded from socioeconomic progress,” noted United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in the report. “We have no time to waste—and a great deal to gain—when it comes to addressing the socioeconomic inequalities that deepen poverty and leave people behind.”

Read the United Nations Report on climate change and how it disproportionately affects marginalized communities.

Community Gardening

The Red Nation

The Red Nation is "a coalition of Native and non-Native activists, educators, students, and community organizers advocating Native liberation." They advocate for Indigenous peoples, their rights, and the protection of their lands.


Together Restoring Economic Empowerment (Tree)

A civil rights organization led by youth and young adults of color fighting for environmental and economic justice. TREE's Action Center has information on projects, and resources for you to become more involved in climate justice.

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Black Belt Citizens Fighting for Health

and Justice

Black Belt Citizens' campaigns focus on eliminating toxic coal ash from the Uniontown Alabama area caused by landfills, and work to provide clean water to citizens.

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Chispa raises awareness of climate change's affect on Latinx communities. They have led campaigns all across the U.S. you could consider getting involved with.

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Oceans Global

OceansGlobal combines ocean conservation efforts with mental health. Their mission is "to bring the therapeutic benefits of the sea as alternative treatment for substance abusers and replace their addictive behaviors into being passionate about the ocean, and how to conserve it."

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Queers X Climate (QXC)

"QXC seeks to be the catalyst toward a larger movement in which LGBTQ+ activists use their power and influence to rally greater climate change awareness and environmental activism; as well as to increase the viability of the contributions that the LGBTQ+ community is doing towards environmental protection."

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