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I'd love to hear about any topics you would like to learn more about! Any feedback related to current topics or outlines would be helpful. And of course please let me know of any content you believe should be added!

About the Author


Nick Engler

I have just finished a graduate program studying building systems engineering. Environmental and social justice are two of my greatest passions in life. I have been incredibly fortunate to grow up in southwest Missouri, have lived and worked in Sequoia National Park, Big Bear CA, Anacortes WA, and Queenstown New Zealand. Through these experiences I developed a deep love of nature. Using building science, I hope to make our cities more energy efficient and reconnect people with the nature we have lost inside our concrete jungles. 

I created this site because I believe most people would like to live more sustainably, but do not know which tools to use to do so. Chasing down accurate information is not only difficult, but time consuming. I truly believe that if people are given the proper resources, they will make choices which are better for the planet. I hope you find resources on this site that help you live better life for yourself and the planet!

If you would like to stay up to date on the information provided by this site, please subscribe. I will never spam you with emails or try to sell you something. You will be notified any time a new article is put on the site, allowing you to see if that change is something you can do to live more sustainably. 

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