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Additional Content

Why we should reduce our carbon emissions is a page that showcases a very succinct video describing the basics of climate change throughout the earth's history.


Recommended books offers a list of highly acclaimed books which span a wide range of topics related to sustainability. What to watch gives a brief description of a number of different documentaries to check out. Podcasts on sustainability allow those of us without the luxury of time to hear about fascinating topics relating to sustainability. 

Policy change provides links to real government websites and their climate related bills. This tab will focus on policy, not politics, as much as possible.

The environmentalists tab showcase scientists, conservationists, and activists of all ages. Become inspired and learn about some of those who have paved the way for this movement.

Hopefully this content proves useful as another way to incorporate environmentally friendly habits in your life. If you have any suggests for content to add to any of this additional content please send me an email!

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